Business Development Manager

Job description

The basic function of the Business Development Representative-Channel is to proactively and systematically pursue adding new clients and new business opportunities for construction business in the geographic areas. To provide comprehensive, high quality administrative support to the Executive Team


  • Analyzing the market in all aspects and specializations within the Construction Business Industry both locally “inside the UAE” and regionally.
  • Looking for the new venues and specialties that suit the different Divisions    within Royal International Construction LLC.
  • To advice the top management the new sector/areas of market, where lot of scope & potential to develop the company business.
  • To acquire the latest technologies in International qualifications to accomplish certain tasks or to achieve new outstanding methods of construction industry through joint ventures and other avenues.
  • To establish a good business relationship with the most prospected local clients useful for our business. i.e. Oil and Gas sector, Etisalat, ADWEA, Private offices etc.
  • To acquire the latest inventions, methods and techniques in Construction, where possible through international media newsletters, magazines and concerned exhibitions and the Internet and pass it to the concerned project managers.
  • Acquiring all the necessary invitations announced by the clients and consultants.
  • Preparing the required pre-qualifications if necessary, and following up the post tender clarifications and inquires if there is any.
  • Preparing Company presentations, when needed and arrange the pre-scheduled meetings for clarifications.
  • To make sure of including the company’s name in the special invitation tenders.
  • Responsible for the follow up of the Projects from the initial stage through out the final contract award, prior to mobilization.
  • Keeping good contacts and positive response strategies with all clients and consultants at all times and on all occasions.
  •  Preparing weekly scheduled lists of tasks priorities and duties within the department to meet deadlines.