Factory Foreman

Job description

Plans, directs, coordinates, and controls activities of workers engaged in production.





  • Ensure everyone knows the job they are to work on from the previous day and advise them of their next job before they finich the current job so maximum productivity is achieved and there is no downtime , delegate work accordingly to that persons capabilities.
  • Liaise with the factory manager regarding the priority if the jobs to be builtfor the day/week so he is ahead of the guy in the workshop and they always have thir next job.
  • Ensure all items/materials have arrived in time to meet the dispatch date for each job.
  • Ensure the Skilled worker have all materilas at hand to complete their job.
  • Ensure to follow the QA checklist thoroughly and have all material for that job in one area ready for loading.
  • Organise daily with the Factory Manager what jobs are  to be QA, loaded, dispatched, miscellaneous and defct items are to be made.
  • Carryout site measures, miscellaneous deleveries are required.
  • Ensure all bins and dust extraction bin are emptied to maintain a safe , clean  and tidy workplace.
  • Always make sure employee working in a safe manner and environment.
  • Ensure Productvity is being maintined and the most practical methods are in place to build job, meet the budgeted hours and the programme.
  • Organize and solve any issues that arise to ensure a smooth efficient production is maintained.
  • Keep the motivation and harmony alive in the workshop an denture start and finish times are maintained optimum productivity.