Machine maintenance (Wood Joinery)

Job description

  • Cutter-head sharpener, tool grinder Sets up and operates grinding machines to shape and sharpen planer knives and woodworking machine cutters according to specifications
  • Positions and secures work piece or sheet stock, template, and machine accessories onto machine, using hand tools. 
  • Turns hand wheels to set travel and pressure of cutter head or knife stock across or against grinding wheel to shape or sharpen work piece. 
  • Starts machine and observes grinding operation to verify conformance to specifications. 
  • May also cut out plastic templates used to fabricate knives and cutter heads. 
  • May also hone cutting edge of ground knives, using whetstone and oil. 
  • May also cut and grind silicon carbide jointing stones to match pattern of knives. 
  • May also select and install grinding wheels on machine, using hand-tools, applying knowledge of product specifications and abrasives. 
  • May also manipulate blade across grinding wheel by hand. 
  • May also turn valve to control flow of coolant. 
  • May also sharpen or shape knives and saw blades, using hand-tools. 
  • May also sharpen bits and boring tool.



  • High school diploma
  • Trade certificate holder preferred
  • Proven Blade Sharpener
  • Familiarity with common mechanic’s tools, service, and diagnostic equipment
  • Coordinated and agile
  • Ability to work in uncomfortable, physically demanding positions, stand on one’s feet for prolonged periods, and lift heavy objects
  • Attentive to details
  • Able to work well on a team


  • 3 to 5 years experience in the same field