Senior Estimator

Job description

  • Organizing Estimation and Tendering Department and delegating responsibilities to Estimators and Quantity Surveyors.
  • Advising the Estimation Manager about the Tender Bond requirements and collecting the financial documents for the offer.
  • Contacting Consultant and Clients for each Tender.
  • Reviewing and comparing technically and commercially the received offers and evaluating the best for the tender.
  • Concluding the tender analysis and arranging “pre-submit report” to the Estimation manager with all details about the costs of Civil Works, Sub-contracts amounts, Materials values and other costs.
  • Preparing offers as required and submitting it to the Client properly.
  • Co-ordinate with planning dept. in preparing the Technical submission.
  • Coordinating with Department Personnel in implementing the Quality System and verifying the Document Control as described in the Quality System Procedure.
  • Coordinating with the Budgeting and Cost Control, Planning, Procurement and other concerned Departments and Divisions to update data related to tenders, contracts and their activities.
  • Providing the technical clarification of trades or items when required by Departments, Divisions or Project Managers.
  • Overall Management, control and evaluation of the complete tender process.
  • Allocating tasks to the subordinates.
  • Make sure that the estimation procedures are thoroughly followed.
  • Pre-tender and post- tender meetings and discussions.
  • Discuss queries with clients/consultant.
  • Analysis of rates for BOQ Items.
  • Obtaining the best offer from subcontractors according to tender documents.
  • Pricing General and Preliminaries items for the project.
  • Ensure that suitable Risk Assessments are done on each tender.
  • Finalize the direct and indirect cost including profit and overhead for the tender with top management.


-    4 years Bachelor degree in Civil Engineering.

-     10-15 years of experience in reputed Construction Companies.  

      Must have successfully completed minimum five major projects with reputable clients. 

-   Minimum 10 years’ experience in UAE required and must have excellent leadership qualities and communication skills. He should be computer literate